Grid-LDC Interoperability Standing Committee

The Grid-LDC Interoperability Standing Committee is a forum for its members to be informed and engaged on matters relating to the coordination of IESO and LDC-controlled grid resources in order to enhance the reliability and efficiency of Ontario’s electricity grid.

Committee members will discuss and identify current operations opportunities from local distribution companies (LDCs) that have potential to interact with the IESO and to highlight areas where further collaboration and data sharing opportunities may exist.  

Questions regarding the Grid/LDC Standing Committee or its membership can be directed to Nicholas Ingman.

Terms of Reference – Draft for Comment

Grid-LDC Interoperability and Data Sharing Framework

IESO/PowerStream Grid-LDC Coordination Initiative

Schedule of Activities

Meeting Date

Supporting Materials

March 9, 2017


First meeting of the Grid-LDC Interoperability Standing Committee

January 26, 2017

Call for Membership