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Active Engagements

The IESO is committed to an open, two-way dialogue with stakeholders to help understand their views about proposed changes that may affect them.

Status of Active Engagements

The following is a list of all active engagements, together with upcoming events.

Please see the IESO Engagement Update for a snapshot of stakeholder initiatives currently underway. All engagement initiatives relating to Market Renewal can be found in the Market Renewal section.

See also Completed Engagements.

Active Engagements Summary Status Date
Development of IESO Implementation Plan for 2017 LTEP

The IESO is seeking feedback from all interested parties on its overall approach to the development of an Implementation Plan to deliver nine specific initiatives in the 2017 Long-Term Energy Plan. The Implementation Plan will outline the context, engagement scope and objectives, estimated timelines and identify deliverables for each of the nine directed initiatives and is to be submitted to the Minister of Energy by January 31, 2018.

Post Response to Feedback
January 31, 2018
Smart Metering Entity -Third Party Access Implementation Plan

In its role as the Smart Metering Entity (SME) for Ontario, the IESO is seeking input to inform an implementation plan that provides interested third parties access to de-identified meter data available in the province’s Meter Data Management/Repository (MDM/R).

Next Meeting - Q1 2018
18-Month Outlook Refresh

The 18-Month Outlook provides an assessment of the reliability of Ontario’s power system over the short term. The IESO is seeking feedback from the report’s users on the content, presentation and format of the quarterly publication.

Survey responses posted
December 20, 2017
Indigenous Conservation Programming Report

The IESO is seeking input on the development of a draft Report intended to provide options to improve future conservation programming for First Nations communities and Métis in Ontario. Leveraging the feedback received from First Nation Communities, this engagement initiative will provide all interested parties with an opportunity to provide input for consideration into the development of the Indigenous Conservation Programming Report.

Feedback Due
January 19, 2018
Market Renewal - Day-Ahead Market

The IESO is working with stakeholders to design and develop a financially-binding Day-Ahead Market that will provide market participants with price certainty ahead of real-time, increase operational certainty for both market participants and the IESO, and reduce out of market payments.

Next Meeting
January 31, 2018
Market Renewal - Enhanced Real-Time Unit Commitment

The IESO is working with stakeholders to design and develop an Enhanced Real-Time Unit Commitment (ERUC) program that will improve the efficiency of unit commitments in the intra-day timeframe by taking into account all resource costs in commitment decisions. ERUC will also improve commitment decisions overall by optimizing over multiple hours rather than solving for each hour independently.

Next Meeting
January 31, 2018
Proposed Changes to Program and Systems Conservation Program

The IESO is seeking input on proposed changes to the Program and Systems program, currently offered through the Conservation First Framework and the Industrial Accelerator Program.

Notice of implementation of changes - Q1 2018
Proposed IESO Outage Approval Criteria

The IESO is seeking feedback from stakeholders regarding its proposal to use extreme weather conditions to assess planned outages that affect resource adequacy. The proposed changes are expected to increase accuracy in the way the IESO conducts planned outage scheduling.

IESO to Respond to Stakeholder Feedback
February 9, 2018
Market Renewal - Incremental Capacity Auction

The ICA Project will develop an enduring market-based mechanism that will secure the capacity needed to ensure Ontario’s resource adequacy needs are met cost effectively. The IESO encourages all stakeholders in Ontario's electricity sector, or their representatives, with an interest in this initiative to participate in this engagement.

Next Meeting
January 24, 2018
Market Renewal – Single Schedule Market

The IESO invites stakeholders to participate in and provide feedback on the design and development of a single-schedule energy market. This initiative will consider fundamental market design issues and changes; it will be of interest to all IESO market participants and related stakeholders.

Next Meeting
January 30, 2018
Conservation Framework Mid-term Review

The IESO is seeking input to inform the mid-term review of the conservation framework which includes the 2015 to 2020 Conservation First Framework and Industrial Accelerator Program. The review will focus on energy savings targets, budgets, progress, lessons learned and alignment with Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan. This engagement initiative is open to all interested parties and is supported by a third party consultant as well as a Mid-Term Review Advisory Group.

Next Webinar
January 30, 2018
Market Renewal

Stakeholders are invited to participate in and provide feedback on the development of a work plan for renewing Ontario's electricity market design. The plan will allow the IESO and stakeholders to address known challenges with the existing design while also laying a solid foundation for a more dynamic energy market to meet future needs.

Next Meeting
Market Renewal - Enabling System Flexibility

The IESO has identified an emerging need for the ability to schedule resources capable of responding within a short time frame in order to manage forecast uncertainty in the real-time energy market. The IESO will engage with stakeholders to explore a range of potential solutions for enhanced flexibility in the electricity system.

Propose Market Rule Changes - Q1/Q2
Interchange Enhancements

The Interchange Enhancement project is aimed at improving the efficiency of interchange scheduling. Stakeholders are invited to provide feedback on proposed changes to the process for submitting e-Tags.

Next Meeting - February 2018
Brant Local Demand Response Pilot

The IESO’s regional planning process has identified the recommendation to investigate opportunities for a DR pilot in the Brant area. The IESO expects to post a draft Request for Proposals for this pilot in early Q4 2016 and will engage stakeholders to solicit feedback. This engagement will be of particular interest to stakeholders with an interest in demand response.

Engagement Update
Market Renewal - Capacity Exports

The IESO is investigating the potential to allow Ontario generators to export their capacity to other jurisdictions. All stakeholders, or their representatives are invited to provide input into the process to establish the rules and protocols that would enable opportunities for market participants with generating capacity not required for Ontario’s reliability requirements to earn revenue by exporting this capacity. This initiative will be of specific interest to stakeholders who are interested in being able to offer their capacity in external capacity markets.

Next Meeting - February 2018
Dispatch Service Working Group

The IESO has formed this working group to get feedback on the Dispatch Service (formerly called message exchange) refresh project. Stakeholders are asked to give input on matters relating to the redesign, transition, implementation schedule and key milestones of the Dispatch Service refresh.