OEB Review Process

The IESO is responsible for communicating to market participants about new or amended reliability standards and criteria, which may be subject to the Ontario Energy Board's (OEB) review. The OEB or any person may make an application for review of a reliability standard within the time prescribed as in Sections 36.1 and 36.2 of the Electricity Act, 1998 as follows:

  • IESO posts a new or amended reliability standard on its website within seven days of being notified by the standards authority (NERC or NPCC).
  • There is a 21-day window for any market participant, including the IESO, to apply to the OEB for review of the reliability standard. The OEB can also initiate its own review within 120 days. 
  • If there is no review, the standard comes into effect under the Market Rules on the enforcement date of the reliability standard.
  • If reviewed, the OEB has the authority to stop the standard from applying in Ontario and to refer it back to the standards authority.

Proposed new or amended reliability standards

The table below provides a summary of proposed new or amended reliability standards and criteria currently subject to the OEB's review process.

 Date of Notice
of Filing
 Date Posted  Last Date to Request
an OEB Review
 Summary of Proposed New or Amended
NERC Standard or NPCC Criteria
 Status of OEB Review




IESO’s briefing to the OEB regarding NPCC D8 and Retirements D3, D9 & D10 can be found here.

In progress - end not before March 30, 2018




IESO’s briefing to the OEB regarding CIP-013-1, CIP-005-6 and CIP-010-3 can be found here.

In progress- end not before  February 7, 2018

See Closed OEB Reviews.