Governance of SME

The IESO is designated as the Smart Metering Entity (SME) by the Government of Ontario. The SME operates under licence by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB). In its role as the SME, the IESO is responsible for the implementation, integration and operation of province’s Metering Data Management/Repository (MDM/R).

The SME and distributors operate under the Smart Metering Agreement for Distributors that sets out their respective roles and responsibilities related to smart metering, the MDM/R and the exchange of information.

The MDM/R Terms of Service set out the principles for the administration and operational framework of the MDM/R and other infrastructure.

The SME Steering Committee represents the interest of stakeholders in the MDM/R and provides advice to SME. See SME Steering Committee.

The MDM/R Technical Panel is a sub-committee of SME Steering Committee that provides input on the technical aspects of the MRM/R, as well as provides recommendations for changes. Composition of the Technical Panel includes representation that can address all technical aspects of the MDM/R solution and integration with the LDCs’ metering and billing systems.

MDM/R Service Desk

The online MDM/R Service Desk provides local distribution companies (LDCs) the ability to create tickets for standard service requests, submit requests or change, view the problems log, edit its profile and access training modules.

    1.  Issues and requests

  • Something is not working as expected
  • Testing feedback
  • Submit a request for change

    2.  User administration and training

  • MDM/R GUI user requests
  • Service Desk user requests
  • Workshop registration

    3.  System and organization (ORG) administration

  • MDM/R configuration requests
  • MDM/R data related requests
  • MDM/R environment requests

Contact Information

All billing and meter-related questions should be referred to your local distribution company. See find your local distribution company for contact information. For general feedback or questions: please contact Smart Metering Entity at