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Market Oversight

The IESO’s mandate is to support the objectives of the Electricity Act in many respects, including the promotion of an efficient and reliable electricity market and power grid. These goals are furthered by fostering compliance with market rules through enabling and enforcement measures, and conducting assessments of the market’s performance. The IESO's Market Assessment and Compliance Division (MACD) is a ring-fenced business unit which conducts these activities.

Rule Compliance

MACD detects and investigates potential breaches of the Ontario wholesale electricity market rules, which incorporate North American reliability standards. It also administers other rules which may result in repayments to the market. The Director of MACD has the authority to issue non-compliance rulings and impose sanctions, including financial penalties, when the rules have been breached. In addition to enforcement of the rules, MACD may issue rule interpretations and other guidance to enable compliance.

Market Assessment

MACD’s Market Assessment Unit supports the OEB’s Market Surveillance Panel in monitoring, investigating and reporting on the activities and conduct of market participants and the IESO in Ontario's electricity market, for the purpose of improving market performance.

Dispute Resolution

The IESO’s dispute resolution process is designed to resolve disputes between parties in the Ontario electricity marketplace, in the most expeditious and cost-effective way.