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Active Engagements

The IESO is committed to an open, two-way dialogue with stakeholders to help understand their views about proposed changes that may affect them.

Status of Active Engagements

The following is a list of all active engagements, together with upcoming events.

Please see the IESO Engagement Update for a snapshot of stakeholder initiatives currently underway. All engagement initiatives relating to Market Renewal can be found in the Market Renewal section.

See also Completed Engagements.

Active Engagements Summary Status Date
Market Renewal - Incremental Capacity Auction

The ICA Project will develop an enduring market-based mechanism that will secure the capacity needed to ensure Ontario’s resource adequacy needs are met cost effectively. The IESO encourages all stakeholders in Ontario's electricity sector, or their representatives, with an interest in this initiative to participate in this engagement.

Feedback Due
September 13, 2017
Market Renewal – Single Schedule Market

The IESO invites stakeholders to participate in and provide feedback on the design and development of a single-schedule energy market. This initiative will consider fundamental market design issues and changes; it will be of interest to all IESO market participants and related stakeholders.

Next Meeting
August 17, 2017
Conservation Framework Mid-term Review

The IESO is seeking input to inform the mid-term review of the conservation framework which includes the 2015 to 2020 Conservation First Framework and Industrial Accelerator Program. The review will focus on energy savings targets, budgets, progress, lessons learned and alignment with Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan. This engagement initiative is open to all interested parties and is supported by a third party consultant as well as a Mid-Term Review Advisory Group.

Next Webinar
September 7, 2017
Market Renewal

Stakeholders are invited to participate in and provide feedback on the development of a work plan for renewing Ontario's electricity market design. The plan will allow the IESO and stakeholders to address known challenges with the existing design while also laying a solid foundation for a more dynamic energy market to meet future needs.

Next Meeting
April 12, 2017
Enabling System Flexibility

The IESO has identified an emerging need for the ability to schedule resources capable of responding within a short time frame in order to manage forecast uncertainty in the real-time energy market. The IESO will engage with stakeholders to explore a range of potential solutions for enhanced flexibility in the electricity system.

Feedback Due
August 22, 2017
IESO 2017 Revenue Requirement - Pre-submission Consultations

The IESO is consulting with intervenors and interested parties as it develops its 2017 Revenue Requirements submission. This engagement is intended to inform and provide early opportunities to advise the IESO regarding its submission to the Ontario Energy Board.

Next Meeting
Interchange Enhancements

The Interchange Enhancement project is aimed at improving the efficiency of interchange scheduling. Stakeholders are invited to provide feedback on proposed changes to the process for submitting e-Tags.

Next Webinar - Fall 2017
Brant Local Demand Response Pilot

The IESO’s regional planning process has identified the recommendation to investigate opportunities for a DR pilot in the Brant area. The IESO expects to post a draft Request for Proposals for this pilot in early Q4 2016 and will engage stakeholders to solicit feedback. This engagement will be of particular interest to stakeholders with an interest in demand response.

Feedback Due
June 9, 2017
Capacity Exports

The IESO is investigating the potential to allow Ontario generators to export their capacity to other jurisdictions. All stakeholders, or their representatives are invited to provide input into the process to establish the rules and protocols that would enable opportunities for market participants with generating capacity not required for Ontario’s reliability requirements to earn revenue by exporting this capacity. This initiative will be of specific interest to stakeholders who are interested in being able to offer their capacity in external capacity markets.

Feedback Due
August 11, 2017
Conservation and Demand Management Information Solution

In collaboration with Local Distribution Companies (LDCs), the IESO is implementing a Conservation & Demand Management Information Solution (CDM-IS), a system capable of providing the functionality necessary for the management and administration of Conservation & Demand Management programs.

Webinars and Solution Trials Postponed
Dispatch Service Working Group

The IESO has formed this working group to get feedback on the Dispatch Service (formerly called message exchange) refresh project. Stakeholders are asked to give input on matters relating to the redesign, transition, implementation schedule and key milestones of the Dispatch Service refresh.

Next Webinar
April 28, 2017
Industrial Accelerator Program Design Enhancements

The Industrial Accelerator Program (IAP )has been extended to December 31, 2020 to give customers continued opportunity for energy savings as Ontario works towards achieving the province’s long–term energy targets. The IESO is making changes to enhance the IAP design elements to improve the customer experience in the program and to streamline administration to encourage greater participation from eligible customers.

Feedback Due
February 23, 2017
RT-GCG Cost Recovery Framework

The IESO is proposing a new cost recovery framework which will clarify and increase the transparency for market participants of costs eligible to be submitted for recovery under the Real-Time Generation Cost Guarantee (RT-GCG) program. Stakeholders will have the opportunity to comment on a high-level design document including the proposed process and recoverable costs, identify any issues or barriers with implementing changes, and provide input into the development of a detailed design document.

Market Trials June 12-16 2017
June 12, 2017
Transmission Rights Market Review

The IESO has initiated a stakeholder consultation to review the current design of the IESO's Transmission Rights (TR) market.

Posting of final TR Reports and Process updates
March 1, 2017